Document Translation Services Singapore

Every day, in every corner of the globe, there are millions of translated business documents being sent from one country to another. The document translation service industry is often referred to as the biggest industry you’ve never heard of, as so many of its transactions are business to business, and most people would never know about them.

As companies grow, they begin to export and import their products and services and roll out multilingual marketing campaigns, the need for document translation services also grows. In addition, the opening up of free trade agreements between eastern and western countries mean that manufacturers and distributors will continue to be price, service and quality conscious.

With a more mobile society, consumers increasingly expect to be able to access their goods and services of choice anywhere in the world, meaning that despite downwards cost pressures on services and manufacturing, international business growth will continue, and with that growth will come greater need for document translation services.

At a local level, most requests for document translation services in Singapore take place through online or email inquiry. It is easy for translation requests to be received electronically with the customer and files returned in electronic format too. This means that any language inquiry can be taken care of by us, while you relax in the comfort of your home, your local business, your holiday destination, or wherever in the world you might be. We can handle all of your business translation requirements, wherever you are in the world.

In years gone by, most projects were almost exclusively business related; transactions from one business to another, from one part of the world to another, from one language to another. These days, as our world becomes more connected, we handle a large range of document translation services from multiple countries, for multiple use.

Medical translation services are becoming increasingly popular, with the advent of worldwide medical practice sharing. Legal documents like marriage certificates and adoption papers are also increasingly common. Of course, there are large quantities of personal documentation that we regularly translate, too.

There are no restrictions on types of files that can be translated. Companies are able to accept and return files of rtf, doc, pdf, txt, ott, gif, jpeg types, and certainly many others too. A simple inquiry to the translation company will help you work out the best file type to send and receive your documents.

Choosing a Professional Translation Company

In the world of business, much can be won or lost over an unsatisfactory document translation. Misunderstandings or miscalculations can cost businesses valuable time and money, as well as put business relationships at risk. It is never worth taking a risk on a low quality document, so here are our ground rules on choosing the best service for your translation needs.

Document Translation by Native Speakers

Firstly, and most importantly, you must have a native speaker to work on your translation. Native speakers are able to deeply understand the needs and the context of the language to be translated. He or she could easily miss some of the nuances when translating into a language if it isn’t the translator’s mother tongue. The subtleties, shades of a language and tone can be easily lost if the translator isn’t a native speaker. Cultural understanding also plays a role, particularly in business, to ensure the right words are chosen to create the right impression and give the right emphasis. In business, tone is everything.

Quality of Documents Translated

Other considerations are quality and accuracy; these attributes should be the cornerstone of any translation business. So too should professionalism. The best translator care about their customers and this shows in the types of services available, how well they understand your translation needs and how equipped they are to ensure you get exactly what you need.

As an example, it is important for your translation to read with authenticity. It should flow with the rhythm of a native speaker, where one would think the document was an original. For business documents, there is much to be gained by using specialists in Asian languages, it means you will be receiving great service with high quality finished translation.

With document translation, whether it be business, medical or legal accuracy and quality is of great importance.